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setuptools::command::easy_install::easy_install Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for setuptools::command::easy_install::easy_install:


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Detailed Description

Manage a download/build/install process

Definition at line 61 of file easy_install.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_output
def build_and_install
def byte_compile
def cant_write_to_target
def check_conflicts
def check_editable
def check_pth_processing
def check_site_dir
def delete_blockers
def easy_install
def egg_distribution
def exe_to_egg
def finalize_options
def found_conflicts
def initialize_options
def install_egg
def install_egg_scripts
def install_eggs
def install_exe
def install_item
def install_script
def install_site_py
def install_wrapper_scripts
def installation_report
def maybe_move
def no_default_version_msg
def not_editable
def process_distribution
def pseudo_tempname
def reinitialize_command
def report_editable
def run
def run_setup
def should_unzip
def unpack_and_compile
def unpack_progress
def update_pth
def warn_deprecated_options
def write_script

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list boolean_options
 command_consumes_arguments = True
 create_index = PackageIndex
string description = "Find/get/install Python packages"
dictionary negative_opt = {'always-unzip': 'zip-ok'}
list user_options

Private Member Functions

def _expand

Private Attributes


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