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setuptools::dist::Feature Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A subset of the distribution that can be excluded if unneeded/wanted

Features are created using these keyword arguments:

  'description' -- a short, human readable description of the feature, to
     be used in error messages, and option help messages.

  'standard' -- if true, the feature is included by default if it is
     available on the current system.  Otherwise, the feature is only
     included if requested via a command line '--with-X' option, or if
     another included feature requires it.  The default setting is 'False'.

  'available' -- if true, the feature is available for installation on the
     current system.  The default setting is 'True'.

  'optional' -- if true, the feature's inclusion can be controlled from the
     command line, using the '--with-X' or '--without-X' options.  If
     false, the feature's inclusion status is determined automatically,
     based on 'availabile', 'standard', and whether any other feature
     requires it.  The default setting is 'True'.

  'require_features' -- a string or sequence of strings naming features
     that should also be included if this feature is included.  Defaults to
     empty list.  May also contain 'Require' objects that should be
     added/removed from the distribution.

  'remove' -- a string or list of strings naming packages to be removed
     from the distribution if this feature is *not* included.  If the
     feature *is* included, this argument is ignored.  This argument exists
     to support removing features that "crosscut" a distribution, such as
     defining a 'tests' feature that removes all the 'tests' subpackages
     provided by other features.  The default for this argument is an empty
     list.  (Note: the named package(s) or modules must exist in the base
     distribution when the 'setup()' function is initially called.)

  other keywords -- any other keyword arguments are saved, and passed to
     the distribution's 'include()' and 'exclude()' methods when the
     feature is included or excluded, respectively.  So, for example, you
     could pass 'packages=["a","b"]' to cause packages 'a' and 'b' to be
     added or removed from the distribution as appropriate.

A feature must include at least one 'requires', 'remove', or other
keyword argument.  Otherwise, it can't affect the distribution in any way.
Note also that you can subclass 'Feature' to create your own specialized
feature types that modify the distribution in other ways when included or
excluded.  See the docstrings for the various methods here for more detail.
Aside from the methods, the only feature attributes that distributions look
at are 'description' and 'optional'.

Definition at line 664 of file dist.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def exclude_from
def include_by_default
def include_in
def validate

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